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The George V. Voinovich Academy for Excellence in Public Service is dedicated to increasing the capacity and effectiveness of Ohio’s public and nonprofit sectors by providing high-quality, interactive trainings in the following key areas:

  • Public Value
  • Leadership
  • Innovation and Change
  • Performance Measurement

For each of these, the Academy focuses on developing qualities outlined in the Sphere of Success:

The Academy offers customizable trainings to meet organization-specific needs. The topics in the Sphere do not need to be addressed in a particular order and may be prioritized as needed. Courses range from a half to a full day in length. Content for each training is tailored to meet the needs of high potential employees, frontline supervisors, middle managers or executive leadership.

Academy faculty include academic experts and real-world practitioners. The emphasis is on interactive case studies, group exercises and discussions that allow participants to understand how the ideas and methods they learn apply to their own work.

Training topics include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Foundations of Leadership
  • Building Teams
  • Culture and Climate of Success
  • Crisis Management
  • Social Return on Investment
  • Innovation and Change
  • Strategic and Personal Communication

Whether your focus is developing individuals, building teams or meeting the strategic objectives of your organization, we can create a customized path to address your talent development needs.

To discuss development of a customized leadership training program for your organization, please contact Jay Johnson, Director of the Voinovich Academy, at or 614.793.5085.

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